Earn $5 for Inviting Friends to Markk

We’d built Going as a way to bring referrals to the real world — where users are adding ratings on Markk and referring their friends & followers to their ratings; a way for people to transparently earn for their influence.

But for the referral loop to complete via Going, the other user also needs to add a rating to the specific place before a creator can earn points. A new user might not necessarily visit a place from their Going list immediately, but we did want to thank our creators for inviting their friends to Markk. 😇

Through October ’20, our users can now share their personalized invite link or code with their friends to earn 500 points (100 points = $1) when a friend adds their very first rating. Even their friend will earn 200 points instead of the usual 100 points for their first rating!

Post-October, all new invites will be worth 200 points.

Go to your profile settings menu to access the “invite a friend” option and share your invite link or code and earn the extra points you very well deserve. 🙌