What is Markk?

What Is Markk Image

Markk is an app to share short video or photo stories of places. A social network to share, discover and discuss places: we’re giving places their own ‘space’. 

Social platforms like Instagram and Facebook have become dumping grounds for “content” – everything from food to cats, news, politics, and of course endless ads. And algorithms that are designed to show you everything ironically make it harder to find the things you want. Don’t believe us? Try finding your friend’s favorite coffee shop on Instagram or Tik tok.


How does Markk make it better?

See all your people’s favorite places. Markk is creating a people-first approach to discovering new places. Search for anyone and see or BookMarkk all of their places and lists. Or if you’re out, open up the map and see places ‘Markked’ by your friends around you.

Share ALL your places. Whether it’s your favorite local cafe or newsstand, or your exotic holiday, every place has a unique story. Markk is the place to share those stories and show some love to all the places that define you.

Get creative with lists. Combine place stories into lists. Places to unleash your dogs, the most eco-friendly stores in your neighborhood, or places where to go on a first date.. Let your imagination run wild.

Markk will continue to evolve and become a single platform for your relationship to all places – the places you visit every day, the places you have travelled to, and the places you want to go.


Looking ahead: Own a piece of Markk

But as our long-term users will know, building a fair system that rewards creators has been at the core of Markk. We’re now taking that further and are experimenting with new technologies (Crypto currency, NFTs etc.) to benefit all stakeholders – creators, businesses and viewers. We also want our early creators to grow with us and have a stake in the long-term success of Markk.

We look forward to the journey. Happy Markking!