Every time you post a rating on Markk, you inspire someone to try a new place. We think you should get rewarded for it, and that’s why we created Going.

How it works

When someone sees your rating on Markk, they can mark themselves as Going. You get bonus points for that, and even more if they then go and rate from the same place. And they get points too. Everybody wins.

All of the places you mark Going are saved in your profile so you have a handy list of places to check out. It’s like Bookmarking that pays.

Activity You Jane
Jane sees your rating and marks herself going 2 1
Jane goes and rates the same place within 24 hours 20 15
Jane goes and rates the same place after 24 hours 10 5

Need help on points?

Email us on support@markk.app with your questions and we will get back to you within 6 hours.