About Us

Markk is a social network just for places. An app to share your places through unique stories and lists.

Why are we doing this?

Friends’ recommendations are the best way to discover new places (or anything else really). But current social platforms have become a sea of selfies, babies, politics and ads. Places are in there somewhere, if you wade through a minefield of distractions! Sharing places is not easy either – let’s face it, we’re not all critics that write reviews (and we shouldn’t be). And sharing places on existing social platforms either gets lost among everything else, or disappears entirely every 24 hours. We’re creating a new way at Markk. A fun and stress-free social network to share quick stories from any place and keep track of all your people’s places, in one place!

The Team

We’re a team of 11 working from Pune, India and Los Angeles, and we’re passionate about building a product for the world.



We’re backed by some of the best angel investors and venture capitalists, who are keen on making a difference in the world.

Questions? Comments? Talk to us

We’re a small company with an ambitious mission and a long road. We need all the love we can get – cuddly love and tough love. Bring it! contact@markk.app.